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Edward F. Craig, Senior Welding Engineer.
Born 23/3/46 Manchester UK.

Resident of Asheville
North Carolina USA.

Home 828 658 3574.
email ed at ecraig@weldreality.com
USA / Canadian and UK Citizen.


Specialize in Weld Process Optimization and Weld Cost Reductions through the implementation of Manual and Robot "Best Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls"

Since May 1998 to present. WeldTrain International. Asheville. North Carolina.

Position: Weld Engineering Consultant. Specialize in providing management support for the implementation of Best Weld Practices and the establishment of Weld Process Controls. In the last few month working on projects for WSI / Imperial Oil / General Dynamics / Magnatech / PICO / BOA / Flexonics / GM / Dana / Tower / Milton Bridge / Manatowic Cranes. Holland Mfg, Graco Inc and Aker Ship Yard. PA..

Scope: My fabrication and welding expertise covers all phases of forming, manufacturing, cutting and welding, MIG / Flux Cored / TIG / Plasma / Submerged Arc weld process optimization and providing unique process control training programs for ferrous and none ferrous, plate, structural and pipe applications.

[] Thirty five years of weld process control expertise and the development of unique simple process control training program and resources with the MIG, GTAW, FCAW, PLASMA and SAW processes.
[] 20 years expertise on establishing effective "robot" weld process controls on pipe welds, cladding, boilers and automotive applications.
[] Extensive expertise in process controls in automated GTAW orbital / Plasma tube mill, micro alloy welds and pipe welds. Industries, nuclear, aerospace, medical, electronic, power, refinery and chemical.
[] Highly experienced in all manual and mechanized MIG / FCAW pipe and "cladding" weld applications. Developed unique process control training programs which I sell through www.weldreality.com
[] Established "Robot MIG Process Control Workshop" for the implementation of effective, global robot weld process controls.
[] Provide estimates, quotes and recommendations for cost affective automated weld lines and related manufacturing equipment.
[] Extensive metallurgical and lab expertise on weld failures, cladding and weld corrosion issues.
[] Work with designers to design components that are "designed to enhance weld quality & production potential.
[] Ensure weld documentation is in compliance with ISO / ASME / API /AWS and other QA requirements.


1. General Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Systems. TX. Asked to improve the` weld quality / productivity on 2000 bomb casings.
2. Provided a Robot Weld Process Control training program for the world's largest tier one supplier Magnatech.
3. Imperial / Esso Oil, Cold Lake Alberta, Canada. Requested by Imperial Oil to provide flux cored process training. In a three-day period, I trained the SMAW (stick) pipe welders on the use of flux cored and MIG consumables on steam / natural gas / oil pipes from 10 to 100 cm. The total annual weld savings generated by using flux cored with the 37-field crew was approx. $1.4 million annually. Two years later trained the same workers on the use of flux cored with automated pipe weld equipment.
4. Textron: Thailand. Managed a 6 month project and developed weld procedures and repair techniques for weld repairs on 160 army Stingray Tanks. (275.000 tensile armor plate).
5. Combustion Engineering. [1] I established unique "robot" MIG nickel weld procedures for overlay boiler walls. [2] Set robots to pulsed MIG boiler headers to pipes, (typically carried out by skilled GTAW welders.
6. Aker. Philly Naval Ship Yard. Oil Tanker Construction. Provided Best Weld Practices and flux cored weld process control training for this shipyard..
7. For BOA Georgia, reset Austenitic / Inconel flexible tube welds on catalytic converters. Provided
"no cost" process improvement increasing BOA weld productivity from 600,000 units per-year to 900,000
units per-year. Reduced the production weld rework from 7 to 0 %
8. GM Power Train. Toledo. GM requested that I optimize their brand new multi-million dollar, automated, pulsed MIG torque converter weld line. In four days at the GM plant I reduced the daily weld defects from 4% to "zero, plus provided 25% more weld productivity. Anticipated annual cost reduction for GM, two million dollars annually.
9. MKS Instruments, Inc. By improving their automated TIG weld data on stainless and Inconel chip manufacturing monitoring devices, attained close to 2 million dollars annual cost savings.
10. Caterpillar. Established the robot MIG weld procedures for the worlds largest robot welded trucks.
11. Ford Motor, Dearborn, MI. Requested by Ford to solve numerous robot weld issues at their Frame Plant. The implementation of my "automated weld process control program" provided Ford with the requirements to save a minimum of $500.000.00 per month in weld rework.
12. Ramco / Alcoa. Advised on robot weld issues on GM "aluminum robot welded frames".
13. GM Bowling Green KY. Established new robot, MIG weld procedures for > 99 Corvette bodies.
14. Millenium Industries. Eliminated robot / GTAW (TIG) weld process issues on Ford / Jaguar fuel injector components, saved $300,000 annually.
15. Harley Davidson. Provided robot bike frame weld procedures and weld process controls.
16. Chrysler Neon Cross members. Use robot / weld process expertise to provide solutions and eliminate welding problems that were causing Chrysler over one million dollars a month in weld rework.
17. Hydro Aluminum. Solve GM, robot aluminum welding problems on Corvette gas trunk frame.
18. Hayes Lemmerz. Large US automotive / truck wheel mfg Resolved numerous automated pulsed weld issues on both Aluminum and Steel Wheels. Produced Savings over $500,000,00 annually
19. Fruehauf Trailers, asked to resolve automates Aluminum seam welds on truck floors.
20. Genie, Washington, provided manual process training and increased robot weld productivity by 20%.
21. VAW, Aluminum car seats for Ford. Solved extensive robot welding issues, increased weld productive 40%.
22. Case International Tractor Div. 0ptimized the robot welds on the tractor cabs, reduced weld rework by 40%
23. Mascotech Michigan. Consulted to establish robot weld process control programs for 300/400 series stainless, robot welds, 98 Ford Mustang manifolds, Chrysler Jeep and Hummer manifolds.
24. Johnson Controls Mexico. Consulted to solve robot weld productivity issues, improved weld production by 30% new 98 VW Beetle car seats.
25. Volvo. Set up new robot weld line and provided training for Volvo Trucks WV
26. Monroe Shocks. Established global uniform weld best practices and robot process controls for 5 plants.
27. Citrogen Spain. Established robot weld process controls and training for car seats.
28. Club Car. Set robot line weld data for robot welding aluminum golf carts.

Employment Contract.

Aker: Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard: Weld Mgr:

[] Established unique Flux Cored Weld / Fitter, Process Control Training for oil tanker construction. In six months reduced the flux cored weld rework cost per-ship by approx. 50%. Savings per ship approx 4 million dollar.
[] Established Best Weld Practices for the yard reducing annual weld equipment / consumable costs by $500,000.
[] Over size, vee groove weld joints gaps on ceramic backing can typically add 100% to the cost of ship building. I
developed new MIG / flux cored, large gap weld procedures and techniques that reduced this typical cost by 50%

Weld Services Inc.
Atlanta. Ga..
Position. Weld Manager. Consulting.

Hired to develop new Stainless / Inconel weld procedures and techniques to reduce weld costs and improve stainless and Inconel corrosion properties on clad and weld applications typically found in the Oil Refining, Pulp Paper, Power, Waste to Energy, Nuclear, Chemical and Petrochemical industries. This company has provided Inconel pulsed MIG weld over lay on more than 80% of the boilers in North America. WSI uses approx. one million pounds of Inconel annually.

[] My patent developed in 2006 reduced by 28% the amount of Inconel or stainless cladding consumables required per-water wall boiler. This patent will produce an annual cost saving for WSI of approx 6 million dollars and the superior over lay weld quality will provide many benefits, (less distortion, less weld defects) to the power industry and waste to energy industries.

[] Provide unique GTAW automated weld solutions to Nuclear plant welding repair problems.

[] Developed during 2006, patent pending, cost effective weld techniques for 347 overlay on hydro cracking vessels and other 347 clad applications. This new method reduced the traditional electro slag, strip clad method for overlay by 70%

12-month consulting employment contract.
Weld manager. MKS Instruments, Inc. MA.
Established weld best practices and weld cost reduction programs for automated laser / GTAW / plasma lathe and orbital welds on stainless and Inconel monitoring parts used to manufacture electronic chips. Established over 2 million dollars in weld cost reduction and took weld reject rate from 8% to less than 1 percent.

Company: Textron. Port Washington WI.
Employment Contract, 15 months.
Position. Weld Manager: Heavy fabrication department.

Scope: Hired to reorganize the weld department, establish best weld practices, provide weld cost reductions and increase the weld automation. Responsible for more than 100 welders. The product was heavy-duty steel frames and booms used for construction lifting equipment.
[] In the 15 months at Textron / Omniquip, increased utilization of arc welding robots from 8% to 80%. providing an 80% increase in the parts produced with no increase in manual labor.
[] Facilitated and implemented effective robot and manual weld process controls along with weld process-training programs, resulting in a robot weld efficiency of greater than 96%
[] Reduced three weld vendors to one. Established a "weld blanket purchase agreement resulting in $200,000 annual savings.
[] Established highly cost effective "best weld practices".
[] Produced weld department budget and consistently worked within budget.
[] Provide support to increase employee involvement in weld safety, quality, productivity initiatives, and adherence to ISO.

Company, ABB Flexible Automation. Robotics, Welding and Cutting Division.
Position. Weld Process Manager.
Robot trouble shoot and establish optimum robot welding procedures for ABB clients throughout North and South America. Eliminated automated weld issues on numerous applications. Provided customer advice on weld part design, fixture design and material flow. Provided customer / ABB employee training on establishing and maintaining robot weld process control programs".

Company, Airgas Inc s.
Position: Weld Marketing / Weld Training Manager, Industrial Gases and Weld Products.
Today with one billion in annual sales, Airgas is the largest independent welding distributor in the world. I was employed to develop MIG weld gas / equipment sales strategy. Also provide weld / cutting process training for the 700 plus sales force. Provide weld process advice for hundreds of weld customers across North America.

Company Union Carbide (Linde).
Position. Weld Department Manager Nuclear Power and Cryogenics Div.
Managed weld fabrication of heavy alloy, stainless and aluminum components used for Canada's Cryogenic, Heavy Water and Nuclear industries. Responsible for all welding quality, productivity, weld procedures, weld qualifications, weld code compliance etc for more than 100 welders using GMAW- FCAW - SMAW - SAW - PLASMA - RESISTANCE. Worked with ASME, ANSI, API codes.

Transferred from Union Carbide to sister company Linde Weld Distribution Div as Linde Weld Training Manger, Canadian western region, (territory Manitoba to British Columbia). Provided weld process advice to hundreds of customers and to welding Linde weld distributors.

Company: Atomic Energy Nuclear Research. Ontario. Canada 4 yrs. Position, Weld technologist. Nuclear welding and pipe research. Worked with alloy steels, stainless, aluminum and titanium pipes/ tube weld /cutting research. Weld corrosion and failure analysis, developing new weld procedures for Pickering Nuclear plant and Bruce Heavy water plant. Provide weld solutions for nuclear component and reactor repairs.

Company: Weld Institute. Canada. Weld Research Eng.. Numerous weld studies for major Canadian, USA corporations. From pipe lines to automotive.

Coompany: Shawinigan Engineering. Canada. Weld Quality Control Manager. Inspection on US nuclear / power plant components, turbines, pumps, compressors, valves etc. For 30 months worked in Nigeria as Weld Quality Engineering Mgr. Responsible for welding quality on construction of Africa's largest oil/gas power station.

Company: Ontario Hydro, Quality Control Inspector during construction of Bruce Heavy Water / Nuclear Plant Canada.

Experiences and Achievements:
Provided GMAW / FCAW / SAW / PLASMA / GTAW / SMAW / LASER / OXY FUEL training for over 10,000 weld decision markers in ten countries. Have extensive welding application background in all major welding industries. Automotive, Ship Yards, Chemical Plants, Pipe and Pressure Vessels Shops, Structural Shops, Nuclear and Research. Optimized robot weld productivity using ABB - Motorman - Panasonic - Fanuc - ESAB - Cloos, and Miller robots. Computer skills, MS Word, Word Perfect, Power Point, Web Page Management using Dream Weaver.



Committees Columns, Books and Articles Published:

[] In 1998 as an AWS specification committee member, I completed for the American Weld Society the new AWS MIG, / TIG, Plasma Welding Shielding Gas Specifications.
[] 2001 AWS subcommittee member on Flux Cored Electrodes.
[] Developed the "PocketWelder" The world's first hand size, electronic weld data/steels unit. Sold by AWS.
[] For 15 years, each month I advised over 50,000 readers in the Question Answer Weld Column in Weld Design Fabrication Magazine.
[] Published over 35 welding / cutting process articles.
[] Rewrote the Thermal Cutting Section" on Laser-Plasma-Oxy Fuel Cutting in the ASM Handbook Ninth Edition 1988.
[] Wrote the complete welding section for "Machinery Handbook" >25th edition.
[] In 1991 wrote and published welding book "Gas Metal Arc & Flux Cord Welding Parameter Selection Made Simple", sold through AWS.
[] In 1992 produced a MIG training video "MIG Training Made Simple" sold by AWS and Fabricator magazine.
[] 1996 wrote the 600 page book "A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Welding, Quality, Costs and Training".

Patents Developed:

1996. Ceramic/Cu MIG gun contact tips for high speed MIG welds 98.
1997. World's first "Portable Electronic Weld Data Unit, "Pocket Welder".
2006. New Boiler Water Wall Clad Weld Technique.
2006. New Weld method for clad weld hydro cracking vessels.
2007. New method to weld insulation brackets to boilers.

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