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TIP TIG Welding is 2 to 10 times faster than TIG with superior quality than TIG - MIG - FCAW.


Welcome to Ed Craig's Weld Forum.

Ed has 40 years experience in providing Weld Best Practices and Weld Process Controls.
He has provided process optimization training to over a 1000 manufactures in 13 different countries.

[] For 18 years Ed wrote the Weld QA section in Weld Design Fabrication.
[] Ed wrote the Weld and Cutting sections in the Machinery Handbook.
[] He rewrote the Thermal Cutting Section" on Laser-Plasma-Oxy Fuel Cutting
in the 1988.ASM Handbook, Ninth Edition.
[] Ed has had over 35 articles published on Manual and Robot Weld Process Controls
[] Ed has written five books on the subject of MIG and Flux Cored Weld Process Controls.
[] Ed was a key American Weld Society Committee member in the development
of the AWS MIG Weld Gas Specifications.
[] Ed developed the "Pocket Welder"
[] Ed has three weld and cladding patents in the Power Industry.
[] Ed bought the TIP TIG Welding process to North America.

Please note: This weld Forum is intended for legitimate weld related questions and content.
This is not a location for weld industry sales persons to provide more weld industry BS.


If you have to Ask Lincoln or Miller, How!
you are not a weld process control expert.

Welding Books

If you "play around" with weld controls
what does that say about your weld process expertise?

For decades, MIG and Flux Cored weld process confusion and the common reliance by global weld shops on weld sales advice, has distracted the global weld industry from the establishment of fundamental MIG and Flux Cored, Best Weld Practices and the implementation of cost effective Weld Process Controls.

1988: The above was from a speech provided by Ed at a seminar he gave to the Brazilian Engineering Society, in Rio Brazil..


As a weld decision maker, your value to your organization has to
come from "your weld process control - best practice knowledge".

In contrast, your value to your wife, is how quickly you
apologize and say "Yes Dear", (something I never learnt)

2014: Instead of providing an antiquated SMAW - oxy fuel - TIG weld education based on a 1960's weld curriculum, the majority of global weld education facilities need to wake up and provide the weld industry with the MIG - FCAW - TiP TiG and SAW weld practices along with the process control education the industry really needs.

The Missing Link from most global Weld Education Facilities:

While numerous educational facilities offer weld education diplomas, during the last four decades, the majority of these institutions have failed to educate their engineers, technicians and welders on the fundamentals necessary to establish effective Best Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls with the weld processes most utilized..

[] The global weld industry needs "hands on engineers, supervisor and technicians" that understand Best Weld Practices and are Process Control experts in the bread and butter processes.

[] The global welding industry needs weld decision makers that can "without playing around" instantly produce optimum weld quality with MIG - TIP TIG - FCA manual and robot welds.

[] The global welding industry
needs managers, engineers and technicians that can optimize both manual and automated MIG - Tip TiG and Flux Cored weld production efficiency.

[] The global welding industry
needs managers - supervisors - engineers and technicians that have the ability to cut through the useless, costly, bells, whistles and biased salesmanship that saturates the weld industry.

[] The global welding industry
needs managers - engineers that are willing to take on process - ownership with the equipment that is essential to their manufacturing needs.

It would take less than two weeks to train a "none welder" to be able to produce optimum MIG or Flux Cored code quality welds on any code. all position application, yet too many weld educational facilities spend months and sometimes years focused on weld skills. Educational facilities including the two leading universities in the USA place minimal focus on the two important components necessary to optimize welds. These cimponents are Best Weld Practices and Process Controls.

The finished weld education product at most global weld educational institutions, is weld personnel and decision makers that typically will "play around with weld controls" that have hardly changed in decades. This industry is full of university and college trained managers, engineers, supervisors and technicians that in 2013 have to rely on weld salesmen for weld advice, and in most instances that advice is simply BS.

One day in North America we will have weld educators who hopefully can responded to an industry that daily looses hundreds of millions of dollars from weld rework, weld rejects and poor weld productivity. Imagine the impact on the welding industry from properly trained weld engineers, managers, supervisors, technicians and welders. These individuals would have ability to daily generate hundreds of millions of dollars in weld cost savings through improved manual and automated weld productivity and quality.

For those interested in improving their level of weld process expertise, take a visit to Ed's Best Weld Practices and Weld Process Control, Self Teaching or Training Resources, click here. For those interested in maintaining the staus quo, keep reading.


Please keep your weld or cutting questions and answers to the point. If looking for MIG - FCAW - TIG weld or steel data, first look in the main MIG - FCA - TIG sections at this site. If you use "key words" in the Weld Data Search, you will have acess to over a 1000 weld questions.

Weld Data Search

Asking a Weld Questions: If you ask a weld question, when relevant, please provide the manual or automated weld transfer mode, the material type, the weld surface conditions, the part thickness, the weld consumable type and size, the weld gas, the wire feed speed, the weld travel speed, amps and voltage.

Again I remind the readers at this site, don't get angry at the messenger. Examine the strong message of lack of management / engineering weld process ownership in this industry. Understand the influence of weld salesmanship on this self taught industry and focus your energy and expertise on the root causes of your daily weld issues. The weld process control knowledge at this site will provide many cost effective, practical solutions for both weld quality and productivity issues.

The Current Password to Post a
Weld Question is "weldreality".

Post a new weld question.

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